Why We Run

The Race Against Gun Violence has always been a metaphor for what drives and inspires people in the fight against gun violence.

2021 Why I Run Series

Our Why I Run campaign gives voice to a wide spectrum of how gun violence impacts people and our society, a testament to why we must strive for a Chicago where all can thrive, free from the fear of gun violence.

We believe everyone has a stake in ending gun violence. Each Why I Run highlights a personal story, providing real-life insight into the people working for a peaceful Chicago.

Visit our  Why We Run “Wall” to see why people from across Chicagoland and our country are
joining the Race Against Gun Violence.

We each have our own story, our own reason why we "run."

2020 Why I Run Series

View our 2020 Why We Run highlights and individual stories below. 

Thanks to Andrew Ramsay and Patrick Mulvey, 5 by 12 Films, for producing the Why I Run films Abby, Daniel, Jennifer, Ken, LaTee, Maria, Nneka, Franklin, Jermaine, Ladell, Father Mike, Pam and Valerie.