We believe that to be successful in achieving structural change, relationships with the people and communities most impacted and the engagement of diverse stakeholders are essential. Our Community and Civic Partnerships are at the core of our work and inform all we do. 

Community Partners

We believe true partnerships are ones where there is shared power and mutual benefit and are needed to increase the collective impact of nonprofits working to end gun violence in Chicago.

To this end, we identify and support Community Partners who embody our belief that we are better together and that collaboration is essential; represent a range of strategies and communities; and are committed to comprehensive approaches that recognize the complex issues that drive gun violence.

Civic Partners

We believe that to change the world we must invest in collaboration, lead with what we share in common and learn from each other.

We established Civic Partnerships to bring together like-minded non-profit, academic, and civic organizations who care about ending gun violence and creating a safer, better Chicago for all. We advocate for comprehensive approaches that draw upon the strengths and resources of multiple strategies and sectors across the public-private spectrum. While each of our Civic Partners engages with Strides for Peace according to their unique mission and capacity, they all share a commitment to collaboration and common vision of a more peaceful Chicago.

Help us increase the collective impact of organizations working to end gun violence, and build a Chicago where all can thrive.