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Thanks to all who joined the Race Against Gun Violence!

From every Chicago neighborhood and 30 states, 57 organizations and thousands of people came together to choose hope, support the life-changing work of nonprofits and provide a platform for people who care about ending gun violence to get involved.  

Watch our Choose Hope Celebration to see what we've accomplished together in the Race Against Gun Violence!

Heartfelt thanks to the 50+ organizations and people around the country who took part in our Choose Hope Celebration, especially Mayor Lightfoot, Rodney “Hot Rod” Washington and Quinnton “Q” Jackson, BUILDKids Off The BlockNew Life CentersPep Rally TakeoverTarget Area Development Corp, the Chicago Center for Youth Violence Prevention, and to the Public Media Institute for providing the venue.  Thanks to Notes for PeacePurpose Over Pain and Guitar Over Guns‘ Mentee C.A.M. for providing the inspiration only music can bring.

Last but not least, thanks to our sponsors and donors for helping us build a platform for people to connect, commit, contribute and change.

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