Why We Run

The Race Against Gun Violence has always been a metaphor for what drives and inspires people in the fight against gun violence.

Scroll through the quotes to see what people are saying, why they have a stake in ending gun violence, and who and what they “run” for.

Connect. Commit. Contribute. Change. Be Part of Building Peace.

Chicago is a great city.

— Gaylon

I run because others can't, I run because I want to see a world where everyone can run safely as they please and strive uninhibited by violence, oppression, or poverty


I am a survivor of gun violence #WhyIRun

— Alison

I run to honor Chicago gun violence victims and survivors and to do my part to end gun violence.

— Dawn

I want to support the Race Against Gun Violence to show there is another way. And violence is not the answer.

— Melody

I believe in this cause

— Melissa

To create a safer City for my kids to grow up in.

— Sherrod

Because I'm tired of seeing Chicago portrayed in the media as a violent place to live

— Shiann

For my community and better future for the next generation

— Victoria

Because I want to be a part of the solution to combating gun violence in the Chicagoland area

— Yasmeen

I run because everyone deserves a chance to grow up.

— Laura

For me to get involved and to inform my community about getting involved

— Nature

For all of the individuals who trust us with their care and deserve to heal.

— Kim

I lost my brother-in-law to gun violence. I run in his memory.

— Christina

As a front line provider, we too often see the result of gun violence. I am running to continue to build awareness for gun violence

— Jessie

As a community member and educator I support building the capacity of our community while creating opportunities for everyone.

— Stephanie

For my community and for the city I love the most!

— Juan

for my students, for a better future

— Brit

Too many people Iíve worked with have died or have lost family due to gun violence. I'm here to make a difference and show my support

— Sarah

Peace and community resilience

— Celia

I run to remember the ones I have lost to violence. I run to keep their spirit in my life.

— Michelle

I want those affected by gun violence to know that I see them.

— Karmeisha

To support the wonderful efforts of so many to make a difference

— Thomas

Running is healing and my choice of therapy!

— Ruthie

I want kids to feel and be safe, me too!

— Colleen

Gun violence is preventable. Actions cause it and actions will end it. I choose actions to end it.

— Mary

As a mental health practitioner who serves the community I see firsthand the negative impact violence has affected our communities both physically and mentally. Instead of complaining I want to be a part of the solution to help end violence and because people deserve a chance to live in peace.

— Tamika

For the innocent lives lost due to gun violence

— Destiny

To help cultivate a safer future for the city of Chicago

— Jordan

Making Chicago a better place

— Kevin

I run for the youth and those gone too soon.

— Melissa

I am a gun violence survivor. I run for the lives lost and for peace in our streets.

— Kerry

I pray for Peace and want to help by taking action

— Karen

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