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Our Choose Hope series transports viewers to the frontlines of communities facing the greatest challenges providing a window into what is happening on the ground NOW and introducing the hidden heroes who through their actions, choose hope, no matter the odds. Watch highlights from this summer’s series here, or follow this link to view the individual Choose Hope features.


The Race Against Gun Violence has always been a metaphor for what drives and inspires people in the fight against gun violence. Our Why I Run campaign gives voice to a wide spectrum of how gun violence impacts people and our society, a testament to why we must strive for a Chicago where all can thrive, free from the fear of gun violence.

View our Why We Run highlight video above or watch more of the individual video stories. You can also visit our Why We Run “Wall” to learn why people from across Chicagoland and the country are joining the Race Against Gun Violence.

Connect. Commit. Contribute. Change.

Be Part of Building Peace.

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