We're dedicating the Race Against Gun Violence to
Chicago's Community first responders.

They may not be able to leap over tall buildings or part the seas: their super power is providing a bridge to hope, healing and possibility. They Choose Hope through action, and save lives while we work towards change. Join us to bring out the best in our city and be part of building peace.

Strides for Peace is dedicated to increasing the collective impact of nonprofits working to create a Chicago where all can thrive, free from the fear of gun violence.  To that end, we work to empower community organizations, promote collaboration and amplify solution-driven dialogue of those on the frontlines of ending gun violence.

We believe that everyone has a stake in ending gun violence and that communities have solutions. Our work is centered around harnessing the power of community organizations and providing new pathways for people who care to get involved.

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See the ways people are coming together to build peace as we head towards race day!

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Community organizations are one of Chicago's greatest assets. Meet the people who choose hope, no matter the odds.

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Everyone has a stake in ending gun violence. Hear the stories of people working for a peaceful Chicago

Connect. Commit. Contribute. Change.
Be part of building peace.

Help us increase the collective impact of organizations working to end gun violence, and build a Chicago where all can thrive.