What We Do: Advocacy

We believe an understanding of our problems and their attending solutions must include the strategic insights gained from people most impacted and those with boots on the ground, responsible for street level implementation.

360° Funding Project

Community organizations are typically not in the room when decisions are made about policy and funding.  We believe this creates a series of unintended consequences around implementation, impact and equity. 

Our project seeks to explore and change the narrative about the drivers of nonprofit impact, amplify the perspectives of community organizations and grassroots leaders, and identify new approaches that promote efficacy and equity.


We organize municipal and state “lobby days” to promote the strategic value of community organizations working to end gun violence, bring people together with different lived experience together, and create new ways to collaborate and increase collective impact.

Community Conversations

We convene panel and other kinds of group discussions, often alongside our film content, to explore issues of community gun violence from the lens of survivors and community and grassroots leaders.