I Grow Chicago’s COVID-19 Response

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I Grow Chicago

“If in doubt, love” is I Grow Chicago’s motto. Their Peace Campus in West Englewood is located in a part of our city where 59% face food insecurity and 41% do not have health insurance. A huge, 30-year life expectancy disparity exists between downtown Chicago and Englewood. The current COVID-19 crisis threatens to widen that gap even further, throwing into chaos many families’ fragile balancing acts to survive.

But in a world where love lives in public, this crisis won’t disconnect the I Grow community– it is tying their resilience to each other. With that spirit, this small but big-hearted organization is working overtime to make sure their community is loved and cared for. From delivering food and weekly educational kits to creating communal channels for connection with daily remote tutoring and a virtual prayer circle, I Grow is building life-saving bridges of support and solidarity from block to block, family to family, in one of Chicago’s most vulnerable communities.

How to help:

  • Donate antibacterial hand soap + bar soap, food (rice, beans, cans of soup, cans of fruit + veggies), toilet paper, bleach + cleaning supplies, or medical gloves → drop donations off with the doorman at 415 E North Water Street, #2503.
  • Make a donation to support I Grow’s outreach efforts → here
  • Send I Grow an item on their wish list → here

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Or, you can donate to Strides (100% will go to helping organizations on the frontlines of gun violence and COVID-19) or any one of these nonprofits doing great work in Chicago.

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For nonfinancial donations (food, supplies, etc), please email [email protected]