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I Grow Chicago

6402 S. Honroe
Chicago, IL 60636

(312) 286-7392

Our Mission

The mission of I Grow Chicago is to grow Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building, and opportunity.

Our Vision

A world where love lives in public.

Our Values

Peace and justice are inseparable —  without one, we cannot have the other

Everyone has the right to live and prosper in their own environment, unconditionally

Accept everyone where they are in this moment in time without judgment

Courage is the unbreakable piece inside us all that unleashes love, fosters hope, and makes life possible

Each day is an opportunity for growth and PEACE.

Our Change Philosophy

We tend to each problem and each person individually and as a part of a system, as part of a neighborhood, as part of a community. We advocate for intergenerational efforts and interdisciplinary approaches. We know everyone from the youngest neighbors to our community elders have much to offer and can all benefit from holistic support.

We engage and employ residents to lead our programs, acting as change agents, activists, and role models. At the core of every I Grow program you will find community involvement. This plants the seeds for a connected, engaged, and empowered community.

I Grow Chicago’s programming supports:

  • Mentorship and skill building
  • Restorative justice and community building
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Creative expression
  • Urban farming and food access
  • Other needed supportive services

Our Peace House offers an alternative space that is educational, fun, non-judgmental and above all—inspiring.

I Grow Chicago Needs Your Help

I Grow Chicago needs your help. It takes one seed, one step, one chance to change a person’s life. And one dollar can go a long way in helping us making that happen. Your donation will help us aid individuals in improving their lives through increased community outreach and education about sustainable farming, nutrition, yoga and the arts. 

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