BUILD’s COVID-19 Response

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BUILD in Austin

BUILD serves vulnerable youth on the west side of Chicago, where gun violence and poverty hold too many young lives hostage. In the face of COVID-19, which has moved many of BUILD’s relationships and programming online, every mentor, outreach worker, and intervention specialist represents a lifeline of stability and support to countless young people on the brink of crisis.

As schools and community organizations are forced to shut their doors, BUILD’s youth cannot afford to take a break from the programs and services that have not only provided a rare safe haven, but an opportunity to explore their own talents and passions. BUILD is making sure they don’t have to by finding new ways to help vulnerable young people create their own safe havens through art. Since the crisis began, BUILD has distributed 100 arts kits to youth participants in partnership with local artists and TaskRabbit, helping young people find inner calm and escape daily stressors. At a fragile and perilous time in so many young people’s lives, BUILD remains a vital stabilizing force to keep them, not only safe, but healthy and whole.

How to help:

The pressures on young people already contending with poverty, gang violence, and trauma will only compound with the new risks created by this crisis. Support BUILD’s youth mentorship, gang intervention, and violence prevention programs and helping young people still have an outlet for creative expression and empowerment through Task Rabbit → here
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Or, you can donate to Strides (100% will go to helping organizations on the frontlines of gun violence and COVID-19) or any one of these nonprofits doing great work in Chicago.

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For nonfinancial donations (food, supplies, etc), please email [email protected]