Strides for Peace Hosts 8th Annual Race Against Gun Violence – Virtual!

Bringing together 90+ nonprofit, academic, arts, healthcare and civic organizations to raise funds and awareness about community organizations working at the frontlines of our greatest challenges.


Contact: Mary Stonor Saunders, Executive Director, 773-326-5368, [email protected]

THEME: FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU LOVE  Our community first responders, the people who live and work in communities facing the greatest challenges, save lives while we fight for change. View our short video dedicating the race to them.

WHAT: The 8th Annual Race Against Gun Violence Pop-Up and Instagram Livestream with the Peace Mobile and with Taste of the Homeless’ Michael Airhart providing music!

WHERE: East Randolph and South Harbor Drive cul de sac (next to the bike path) and throughout Chicagoland

WHEN: Saturday, 9/25 8:30AM – 11:00AM (Registration open through 9/26, fundraising for 60+ community organizations continues throughout October)


  • RUN by to take a selfie by our beloved Peace Mobile.  Participating teams include: BullsBlackhawks, NW Surgery, Hello Baby
  • SHARE why you run on the sidewalk or our chalkboard
  • POST with hashtags #WhyIRun and #ChooseHope to let people know why you’re in the race against gun violence and what inspires you to build peace. Join others as part of the Race Against Gun Violence 
  • JOIN THE LIVESTREAM FROM 10:00AM – 11:00AM.  We will be broadcasting live on location at the Peace Mobile and we’ll be checking in with other “races” around Chicago and beyond to amplify #WhyIRun and bring out the best of our city.


  • The Why I Run Campaign was created as part of the annual Race Against Gun Violence. After a difficult summer with escalating gun violence, we believe it is more important than ever to show our city that despite the headlines, there are people out there working for change and are not giving up.
  • The Why I Run campaign gives voice to the wide spectrum of people impacted by gun violence, provides inspiration for why we must strive for a Chicago where all can thrive, free from the fear of gun violence.  Each Why I Run video highlights a personal story, providing real-life insight into the people working for a peaceful Chicago, challenging some of our assumptions about who has a stake in ending gun violence. 
  • Notable individuals featured in the series include: Congresswoman Robin Kelly, Sheriff Tom Dart, World Business Chicago’s Michael Fassnacht, Wu-Tang’s Tareef Michael and Edelman’s John Edelman.  Plus teens, medical professionals, Chicago Police and others whose live are impacted by gun violence and are working for a better Chicago.
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About Strides for Peace

Founded in 2014, Strides for Peace is a registered 501(3)(c) that envisions a Chicago where all can thrive and live free of the fear of gun violence. Our mission is to increase the collective impact of community organizations working to end gun violence, save lives and build a stronger Chicago.

Connect. Commit. Contribute. Change. Be part of building peace. 

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