The Trace covers an important reality: violence interrupters need to be compensated fairly for their critical work

Violence interrupters do some of the most dangerous work for little pay and oftentimes little to no benefits. Since the pandemic, they have been exposed to even more hazards, as they have been distributing food, PPE and health information to those who are in greatest need. They are also exposed to trauma on a regular basis, yet are the least likely to have access to the resources they need to address it.

Organizations across the country, including Metropolitan Family Services/Communities Partnering for Peace are working to professionalize the field on a number of fronts, but across our city and the country, there is much more work to be done.

This is why Strides for Peace partners with, invests in and pilots programs like Partners in Resilience to build resilience and community for those working on the frontlines of gun violence. Their work is essential, their impact immeasurable -- they are not only worth it, they more than deserve it.

Read more about this important issue in The Trace.

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