Race Against Gun Violence Offers Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility

The impetus to get involved, to “do” something to make a positive difference and connect to others, has never been greater.  Yet the need for social distancing has impacted every aspect of our lives, not the least of which is how to harness the good will of people who want to help their communities and those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. 

Companies with typically robust corporate social responsibility and employee engagement programs have been challenged to find new ways to provide purpose-driven opportunities that connect employees to community service and civic engagement activities while keeping everyone safe and navigating all the uncertainties. 

Recognizing these new realities, we’ve created a flexible yet impactful way for companies and employees to get involved and be part of meaningful civic engagement. With a customizable menu of options to connect, commit and contribute, RAGV is a solution for companies seeking to offer employees meaningful experiences to give back and make our city  — and ultimately its companies — stronger.

Here are just some of the ways RAGV offers new ways to build community, corporate culture and do good. 

Flexibility: Recognizing fluid conditions and different levels of comfort, RAGV offers both virtual and onsite registration options. So whether you prefer for your team to run virtually together, or in Grant Park along a beautiful lakefront trail, RAGV has options to keep people safe and engaged!

Diversity: With more than 50 charities taking part, joining RAGV means you can support a broad range of organizations with the option of selecting one or as many as the members of your team decides. From academic, arts and athletic programs, to gang intervention and workforce development, each team decides which nonprofit most aligns with their CSR mission and goals.

Connection: RAGV brings together people and organizations from every part of the Chicagoland area and beyond, something past attendees have ranked as one of their favorite things about the race.  In 2020 we reimagined how to makes these connections in a virtual world and we are bringing back a series of digital campaigns to make the authentic, human connection from afar: our interactive map, Choose Hope and Why I Run video campaigns.

Impact: Each company’s CSR program is unique with its own set of goals, focus and priorities. That’s why we made sure RAGV is customizable and that participants can select from a range of options about how to make an impact.  Whether your goals are employee wellness and health, fundraising and giving back, team-building and corporate culture, it’s up to you and your team to decide what success looks like.

Uncertainty abounds on pretty much every level, especially around Covid-19 health protocols and the pandemic’s financial impact. But good corporate citizenship doesn’t have to wait.  So, if you or your company are looking for meaningful opportunities for your #corporatesocialresponsibility portfolio, RAGV2021 offers a turnkey opportunity to engage employees in health and wellness activities, community service and charitable giving.  RAGV makes it possible to learn about and connect directly to nonprofits throughout Chicago who have been working tirelessly to serve their communities. And whether virtual or onsite, people agree that RAGV is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be part of building peace – each year 98% say they look forward to coming back!

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