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I Grow Chicago

I Grow Chicago
6402 S. Honroe
Chicago, IL 60636

(312) 286-7392


Strides for Peace Supports:

Healing Justice Court and Peace Fest

In neighborhoods where gun violence impacts everyday life, basketball is much more than a game — it is a bridge to peace and resilience. Strides for Peace was proudto contribute to the construction of a new basketball court, The Healing Justice Court, on ICG’s peace campus. West Englewood residents, the area police commander, and IGC youth came together to make their dream a reality. As co-executive director Quentin said, individuals make a difference, but it takes a community to make change.

Strides is additionally proud to sponsor IGC’s annual Peace Fest, a community celebration on I Grow Chicago’s Peace Campus in Englewood. Peace Fest features 40+ organizations providing a range of services and fun activities and is free and open to all.

About I Grow Chicago

The mission of I Grow Chicago is to grow Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building, and opportunity.

I Grow Chicago engages and employs residents to lead its programs, acting as change agents, activists, and role models. At the core of every program you will find community involvement. This plants the seeds for a connected and empowered community.

  • Mentorship and supportive services
  • Restorative justice and community building
  • Yoga and healing practices
  • Creative expression
  • Urban farming and food access
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