Presenting...Pre-Race Perks!

We hope to see you at this year’s Race Against Gun Violence — and until then, Strides for Peace is proud to announce our newest RAGV initiative: Pre-Race Perks! We hope you'll join us in training and building community for this year's race.

Before the race in June, Strides is partnering with Basecamp Fitness, Giving Hearts Yoga, and Wattage Gym to offer the following Pre-Race Perks...



May 4, May 11

Lululemon Ambassador and FRC® Mobility Specialist, Maggie Umberger, has crafted a 45-minute class, featuring breath and movement exercises designed especially to help runners recover from training while maintaining the necessary strength needed to hit the pavement!

$26 Value
Pre-Race Perk: FREE

*Classes are virtual.
**No registration limit! Spread the word and share with friends!
***All proceeds benefit this year's RAGV.


May 19

Train with Aaron Manheimer, founder of Wattage Gym and personal trainer to professional athletes such as Tracy McGrady and Michael Finley, Melissa Stockwell, and Gracie Gold. Join us after class for tacos and a margarita, courtesy of Tamale Station!

$100 Value
Pre-Race Perk: FREE

*Class limited to 30 participants.
**70 additional spots available for tacos and margaritas after class! Includes 1 margarita and 3 tacos.