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Paving The Way Project
Paving The Way Project
Paving The Way Project
Paving The Way Project

Paving the Way

Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church
109 East 53rd Street
Chicago, IL 60615-3303


Paving the Way Project
Strides for Peace Supports:

Summer Cool Down, Back to School, Community Corners

Strides for Peace provides support for Paving the Way to bring old-fashioned fun and much needed community-building and resources to Washington Park. PTW works all year round to diffuse tension, build bridges and provide a safe and welcoming place for those who want to stop the violence.

About Paving the Way 

Paving The Way: A Chicago Community Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliated with Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church, which offers educational forums and programs aimed at sharing information with participants as a way to prevent violence and increase community relations among residents in the Washington Park Area and beyond. Additionally, the Paving The Way Project serves as a voice for the community, functioning as an outreach program for violence prevention and intervention, a bridge between public service personnel and the public they serve, and the building up of our neighborhoods.


  • Provide information for alternative life choices in the lives of participating youth and young adults.
  • Provide information and programming for transitioning from a gang lifestyle.
  • Provide exposure to positive people, experiences and opportunities.
  • Build relationships with troubled and/or at-risk youth.
  • Create a safe space for participants to share their cares and concerns truthfully and authentically (i.e. building communities and being a voice to participants, employment, police interaction, etc.).
  • Develop a core identity and sense of belonging to a part of a larger active non-violent lifestyle movement (i.e. building a community with accountability).
  • Increase parent involvement and participation in the lives of their children.
  • Equip participants with life skills (i.e. finance management, investing, building of skill sets, etc.).
  • Community re-engagement.


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